Kids Tennis St George Sutherland Shire

Little Tennis Aces Program

Kids Tennis St George Sutherland Shire

The Little Tennis Aces Program is a fun, exciting and rewarding modified tennis program for kids aged 2 - 10 years old, where they will learn all about tennis through our game based approach. We teach them the most foundational elements of tennis, through the use of mini nets, low compression balls, hoops, footwork ladders and cones to promote coordination and footwork.


Our program is focused on:


Kids Tennis St George Sutherland Shire

Building hand/eye coordination so your child can strike the ball powerfully and accurately as their love for tennis grows

Racquet and ball drills
focussing on balance, midline, spatial awareness, agility, and footwork skills

Developing resilience, determination and discipline
in executing tasks, to help them in their school years and beyond

Drills that include, running, hopping, skipping, jumping,
helping develop active kids and are foundational for all sports

The Little Tennis Aces team like to recognise and nurture talent from a young age and will work with your child’s skill set accordingly.